Nikhil Deb


Nikhil Deb is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Cal Poly. Prior to his current position, he held similar roles at several institutions, both in Bangladesh, his country of origin, and elsewhere. His publications have appeared in several peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes, such as Social ProblemsSociology of DevelopmentCritical Sociology, and Environmental Sociology. He is currently co-editing a book titled Social Justice in the Global South (in press) and is in the process of preparing manuscripts for his own books.

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Socioenvironmental Injustice across the Global Divide: Slow Violence and Institutional Betrayal in Bhopal and Flint.” Sociology of Development.

Slow Violence and the Gas Peedit in Neoliberal India.” Social Problems.  (2019 Brent K. Marshall Graduate Student Paper Award, Section on Environment & Technology, SSSP)



Nikhil Deb’s research delves into the intricate nexus between political economic dynamics and environmental and climate justice. Specifically, he probes how the shift towards market liberalization in the Global South has impacted environmental and societal challenges in marginalized regions, with a keen focus on India and Bangladesh. His ongoing research in Bangladesh has two specific focal points: (a) the manipulation of climate-induced disasters to spur economic growth (b) the adoption of greenwashing tactics by the Bangladeshi garment industry, akin to strategies employed by global fossil fuel corporations, under the guise of a “just transition” following years of environmental degradation. This research constitutes a segment of his ongoing book endeavor. Previously, he also examined how the neoliberal paradigm in Indian governance played a pivotal role in the genesis of enduring repercussions, exemplified by the 1984 Bhopal catastrophe in India. This research constitutes part of a collaborative book project.